ARTICLE @ UTUSAN: “Menggarap Senibina Masa Depan”

An article featured in Utusan Malaysia on November 03, 2012 under “Gerbang Akademik” pull-out. It covers on the recent seminar titled “Future Architecture Design Seminar” by students from the Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment.

Featured too was (among others) images of Professor Dr Ahmad Ramly and part of paper presenters for the event.
Kudos for the successful event.

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TWINTECH: Farhan Serap Kemahiran Kejururawatan dalam Kerjaya Ketenteraan

View a documentary highlighting an interview with a graduate from Diploma in Nursing from TWINTECH International University College of Technology; MOHD FARHAN MOHD HATTA.

Farhan has (since graduation) joined the Armed Forces and absorbed his nursing skills in his chosen career. Farhan recollected a real life experience on how skills learned during his college years has helped in a dramatic incident.

Farhan has proven that with his Diploma in Nursing, it has opened many more door for alternative careers not limited to Nursing discipline itself.



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“Masjid Papan Project”


Enjoy the latest video featuring highlights from the recent Public Exhibition by students from Diploma in Architecture (year 02 semester 02) for their “Measured Drawing” subjects.

They have selected Masjid Papan in Pekan Papan, Batu gajah Perak for their project. This historical building has also caught the Muzium Negara’s attention where the students chanced upon experiencing minor restoration works done.

The Masjid Papan was built and completed in the year 1888  and was also known as Masjid Raja Bilah of Mandailing descendants.

Students started off with their presentation, exhibition and Q&A/critique session.

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“Numbers That Tells it All”

At 19 years of age, TWINTECH International University College of Technology is a well-established and strong player among the 47 giants in private tertiary education sector. With 45 programs ranging from Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and up to Doctorate studies, it is a sound testament of our commitment towards universal higher education opportunities to all.

Since its inception in 1993, we have produced 8505 graduates who are now successful and proud in their career. Backed by more than 140 talented academic personnel comprising of Senior Lecturers, to Professors, learning experience here is a mixture of practical and industrial experience with kept-abreast knowledge and skills.

Campus life in Twintech is exciting with a good mixture of local and international students. Professional courses has lead students to fare well in their studies and skills acquisition; in tandem with exactly what the job market demand. Since awarded the University-College status in 2003, Twintech has never looked back and steady to strive higher with its ISO 9001:2008 quality recognition and Malaysia Super-Corridor Status, just to name a few.

Know us better and be a part of a winning team with an institution that promises you the “education at its best”…

“Good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning help to make elusive dreams come true”  ~ Lester Robert Bittel ~

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